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Lady Tigers run home win streak to nine matches

By Jay Davis

The Lady Tigers made it nine straight home wins by beating Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 3-1 at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Tuesday after beating Lemmon 3-2 at home on Thursday.

The Lady Tigers beat the Braves for the 10th straight time on Tuesday, but not without the Braves putting up a good fight. The Lady Tigers jumped out 1-0 on a 25-22 win only to have the Braves roll to a 25-16 win in set two. The Lady Tigers took over in set three with a 25-12 win and then fought off the Braves 25-19 to round out the win.
The Lady Tigers had 44 kills. Ellie Rabenberg led the way with 14 kills on 30 of 36 hitting. Kayleigh Henderson had 10 kills and Erica Frey had nine.
Lady Tiger serving played a big part in the win. Chelsy Hoffman, Maranda Wagner and Becca Martin had five aces each, leading to a team total of 25 aces.
Cassi Heumiller and Martin split the setting duties. Heumiller had a match-leading 25 assists, while Martin added 14.
The Lady Tigers defended with 72 digs and four blocks. Maranda Wagner led in back with 35 digs. Henderson led up front with three blocks.
Tiffany Shaving had a big night for Braves. She knocked down 13 kills on 27 of 39 hitting and added three aces. Tatum Mendoza led serving with a 21 for 21, four-ace night. Kaleb Shepherd defended the net with five blocks, while adding six kills.

The Lady Tigers struggled against Lemmon before running away with the rubber-match for a 3-2 win on Thursday.
The match went back and forth for four sets. The Lady Tigers opened with a 25-20 win. Lemmon came back to win 28-26. Mobridge-Pollock won its second 25-20 game in the third set. The Cowgirls took over for a 25-17 win in set four.
But then came the deciding match and it was all Lady Tigers. Aundrea Kramer got the Lady Tigers with two straight aces giving Mobridge-Pollock an early 4-1 lead. A Henderson kill made the score 7-1. With a 9-4 lead, Rabenberg and Kylee Wagner had kills and Chelsy Hoffman served an ace to make it 12-4. The finishing run came exactly the same as a Rabenberg kill was followed by a Wagner kill to make it 14-4. Hoffman put one down for the final point of the night giving the Tigers a hard-fought 15-4 win.
Kylee Wagner led the offense with 11 kills on 28 of 36 hitting. Rabenberg and Henderson combined for another 16 kills. Wagner and Henderson defended the net with four blocks each.
Martin did the yeoman’s work of setting with 25 assists.
Hoffman lit the service line up with seven aces on 20 of 23 serving. Kramer had four aces and Rabenberg had three.
Maranda Wagner handled the defense in back with 24 digs. Rabenberg added 13.
Jenna Van Beek led Lemmon with 11 kills. Katie Sackmann had 28 assists, while Kaitlynn Pinnow had four blocks and Julie Blue Arm had nine digs.

The Lady Tigers will get a break after a busy schedule. Their next game is Monday in McLaughlin versus the 7-10 Lady Midgets.
Mobridge-Pollock has never lost to McLaughlin. The Lady Tigers are 19-0 in the all-time series.

Cheyenne-Eagle Butte (7-6) 22 25 12 19
Mobridge-Pollock (15-4) 25 16 25 25
Cheyenne-Eagle Butte: Serving 91-98, 12 aces (Tatum Mendoza 21-21-4, Tiffany Shaving 17-18-3); Setting 68-68, 16 assists (Bailey Fast Horse 28-28-7); Hitting 100-111, 28 kills (Shaving 27-30-13); Blocks 8 (Kaleb Shepherd 5); Digs 14 (E’Vanna Dupris 4).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 80-89, 25 aces (Chelsy Hoffman 17-18-5, Maranda Wagner 13-14-5, Becca Martin 9-9-5); Setting 146-152, 39 assists (Cassi Heumiller 72-73-25, Martin 61-66-14); Hitting 111-135, 44 kills (Ellie Rabenberg 30-36-14, Kayleigh Henderson 22-27-10, Alexis Frey 21-26-9); Blocks 4 (Henderson 3); Digs 72 (Maranda Wagner 35, Rabenberg 14).
JV Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-14, 25-16. C Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-20, 25-11.

Lemmon (6-4) 20 28 20 25  4
Mobridge-Pollock (13-2) 25 26 25 17 15
Lemmon: Serving 85-97, 10 aces (Julia Blue Arm 19-19-2, Brady Beer 18-19-2); Setting (Katie Sackmann 100-134, 28 assists); Hitting (Jenna Van Beek 23-32, 11 kills); Blocks (Kaitlynn Pinnow 4); Digs (Blue Arm 9).
Mobridge-Pollock: Serving 94-108, 18 aces (Chelsy Hoffman 20-23-7, Aundrea Kramer 19-21-4, Ellie Rabenberg 21-21-3); Setting 176-181, 28 assists (Becca Martin 139-142-25, Cassi Heumiller 12-12-2); Hitting 126-155, 42 kills (Kylee Wagner 28-36-11, Ellie Rabenberg 29-38-9, Kayleigh Henderson 24-27-7); Blocks 11 (K. Wagner 4, Henderson 4); Digs 59 (Maranda Wagner 24, E. Rabenberg 13).
JV Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-14, 23-25, 15-11. C Match: Mobridge-Pollock 25-13, 25-18.



Ellie Rabenberg hits a kill attempt as Julie Blue Arm (1) and Marissa Lyon (5) of Lemmon try to defend. The Lady Tigers beat the Cowgirls 3-2 at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Thursday.

Ellie Rabenberg hits a kill attempt as Julie Blue Arm (1) and Marissa Lyon (5) of Lemmon try to defend. The Lady Tigers beat the Cowgirls 3-2 at Mobridge-Pollock High School Gymnasium on Thursday.