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Lady Tigers win going away at first meet

By Jay Davis

It took until two days before May, but the spring golf season finally got underway with the Mobridge-Pollock Invitational at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday.
The Lady Tigers got off on the right foot, dominating a small field of players. With Aundrea Kramer, Chelsy Hoffman and Emily Dale finishing 1-2-3, the Lady Tigers beat runner-up Ipswich by 76 strokes. There were just 19 girls, three with teams, in the field.
“It would have been nice to see a larger girls’ field, but for the first meet it was nice,” said coach Jason Weisbeck.
With little practice time, high winds and slow greens, no player was having the day of their career, but the Lady Tigers weathered they day far better than the competition.
Kramer and Hoffman each shot 98. Kramer won medalist honors by virtue of shooting low score in the second round. Kramer shot 51-47. Hoffman turned the numbers the other way, shooting 47-51. Dale finished two strokes back with a 52-48-100. Miranda Eisemann shot 49-58-107 and finished 10th.
“It was a tough day, but the kids fought through it,” said Weisbeck. “It was fun to watch them persevere.”
The rest of the top 10 were Micaela Johnson of Bowdle in fourth, Amanda Lewellen of Miller in fifth, Bailey Graham of Ipswich in sixth, Callie Lawrence of Timber Lake in seventh, Rachel Deurmier of Eureka in eighth and Rachel Kessel of Bowdle in ninth.

Boys’ Division
The boys’ division was a dog-fight with Potter County edging Aberdeen Christian, Bowdle and Eureka for the team title. Potter County won with a 272 total. Aberdeen Christian was just a stoke back at 273. Bowdle was four behind and Eureka eight from the leaders.
Matt Rohrbach of Aberdeen Christian handled the tough conditions to win medalist honors with a 41-41-82. Jordan Maier of Eureka took second with an 86 and Nathan Rohrbach of Bowdle was third with an 88.
David Vander Vorst led team champ Potter County at fourth, Andre Boschee of Bowdle was fifth, Kole Hawkinson of Potter County sixth, Cramer Johnson of Aberdeen Christian seventh, Zach Sahli of Edmunds Central eighth, Tyler Schwingler of Eureka ninth and Jett Peterson of Timber Lake 10th.

Region here
A major change has been made to the postseason schedule. It is a change that bodes well for the Lady Tigers. There was a problem with Region 3A and Region 5B both being booked at Hillsview Golf Course in Pierre on May 13.
To ease that strain, Weisbeck volunteered Oahe Hills for the Region 3A meet and the pre-region meet on May 6.
Weisbeck said his girls will also get an extra round of golf in between the pre-region and region. The Lady Tigers will get in a round of golf in at Groton during that time.
The younger golfers will also get their day at Oahe Hills Golf Course. A junior varsity meet will be played north of town on May 9.

Mobridge-Pollock Invitational
Girls Division
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 296, Ipswich 372, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 472.

Individual Scores: 1. Aundrea Kramer, Mobridge-Pollock, 51-47-98; 2. Chelsy Hoffman, Mobridge-Pollock, 47-51-98; 3. Emily Dale, Mobridge-Pollock, 52-48-100; 4. Micaela Johnson, Bowdle, 51-52-103; 5. Amanda Lewellen, Miller, 55-49-104; 6. Bailey Graham, Ipswich, 56-49-105; 7. Callie Lawrence, Timber Lake, 55-50-105; 8. Rachel Deurmier, Eureka, 54-53-107; 9. Rachel Kessel, Bowdle, 51-56-107; 10. Miranda Eisemann, Mobridge-Pollock, 49-58-107;

11. Ariel Geffre, Herreid, 54-55-109; 12. Martee Larson, Stanley County, 60-53-113; 13. Elbe O’Kennedy, Ipswich, 57-61-118; 14. Mickey Schick, Herreid, 61-58-119; 15. Mikala Morlock, Eureka, 74-65-139; Karissa Green, Ipswich, 77-72-149; 17. Jamalia Franzen, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 78-72-150; 18. Cadyn Dupris, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 85-74-159; 19. Bryce Lawrence, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 82-81-163.

Boys Division
Team Scores: Potter County 272, Aberdeen Christian 273, Bowdle 276, Eureka 280, Stanley County 300, Edmunds Central 306, Herreid 320, Miller 322, Ipswich 325, Timber Lake 330, Selby Area 382.

Individual Scores: 1. Matt Rohrbach, Aberdeen Christian, 41-41-82; 2. Jordan Maier, Eureka, 44-42-86; 3. Nathan Rohrbach, Bowdle, 45-43-88; 4. David Vander Vorst, Potter County, 44-44-88; 5. Andre Boschee, Bowdle, 46-43-89; 6. Kole Hawkinson, Potter County; 7. Cramer Johnson, Aberdeen Christian, 48-42-90; 8. Zach Sahli, Edmunds Central, 46-43-91; 9. Tyler Schwingler, Eureka, 48-45-93; 10. Jett Peterson, Timber Lake, 47-46-93;

11. Nate Cronin, Stanley County, 45-49-94; 12. Tanner Moore, Ipswich, 49-46-95; 13. Jake Langer, Potter County, 46-49-93; 14. Addison Beyers, Edmunds Central, 47-51-98; 15. Seth VanDenhemel, Stanley County, 47-51-98; 16. Riley Gilbert, Ipswich, 53-46-99; 17. Tyler Wipf, Bowdle, 47-52-99; 18. Cory Breland, Miller, 46-53-99; 19. Ezra Aderhold, Aberdeen Christian, 52-48-101; 20. Cade Johnson, Aberdeen Christian, 52-49-101;

21. Judah Aderhold, Aberdeen Christian, 51-50-101; 22. Taylor Beutler, Eureka, 47-54-101; 23. Jeff Smith, Potter County, 51-51-102; 24. Justin Lindskov, Timber Lake, 47-55-102; 25. Tate Ketelhut, Miller, 53-50-103; 26. Ethan Deibert, Herreid, 54-51-105; 27. Brady Vander Vorst, Herreid, 56-50-106; 28. Austin Moser, Eureka, 53-53-106; 29. Trent Kopecky, Bowdle, 54-53-107; 30. Caleb Meinke, Potter County, 54-53-107;

31. Blake Onkin, Stanley County, 54-54-108; 32. Zach Pudwill, Herreid, 54-55-109; 33. Ethan Beyers, Edmunds Central, 57-60-117; 34. Josh Weisbeck, Herreid, 59-60-119; 35. Wade Gesinger, Miller, 56-64-120; 36. Ty Sjomeling, Herreid, 62-59-121; 37. Caleb Bryant, Stanley County, 63-62-125; 38. Collin Fiedler, Selby Area, 68-58-126; 39. Dylan Zabel, Selby Area, 68-60-128; 40. Steven Rueb, Selby Area, 62-66-128;

41. Tristan Flying Horse, McLaughlin, 67-63-130; 42. Dylan McQuerie, Ipswich, 69-62-131; 43. Kellon Lawrence, Timber Lake, 70-65-135; 44. Hayden Peterman, Miller, 69-66-125; 45. Chance Thomas, Bowdle, 76-72-146; 46. Ben Von Wald, Selby Area, 78-72-150; 47. Chase Wagner, Ipswich, 68-87-155.



Aundrea Kramer rolls a birdie attempt toward the hole on the fourth green at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday. Kramer settled for a three, but used the par help her win medalist honors at the Mobridge-Pollock Invitational.

Aundrea Kramer rolls a birdie attempt toward the hole on the fourth green at Oahe Hills Golf Course on Monday. Kramer settled for a three, but used the par help her win medalist honors at the Mobridge-Pollock Invitational.