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Lady Tigers win Stanley County team title

The Lady Tigers got to play in two of three scheduled golf meets this week and took full advantage. The girls won the team title at the Stanley County Invitational on Friday after all six golfers medaled at the Roncalli Invite in Aberdeen on Thursday.
With three players medaling in the top 10, the Lady Tigers shot 266 to win the Stanley County Invitational on Friday. Pierre was six shots back and Chamberlain nine.
Callie Weisbeck led the Lady Tigers with a fifth-place 85. Cadee Peltier shot 90 for seventh and Gennie Krause shot 91 for ninth. Reagan Weisbeck rounded out the team, taking 21st with 104 and hitting the shot of the day when she dunked one from 30 yards out.
“This was a crazy meet with 125 golfers on a par 62 course, boys and girls alike,” said coach Jason Weisbeck. “Pace of play was less than ideal, but the girls all had bright spots. It was nice to see us win against 12 other teams.”
The JV Lady Tigers had some success, too. Kylynn Lesmeister won the JV division, shooting 100, while Ellie Fried shot 111 for eighth.

They could not match Sioux Falls Christian in the team standings, but with all six girls medaling in the top 20, the Lady Tigers took second at the Roncalli Invite, held Thursday at Lee Park Golf Course in Aberdeen.
“It was good for the girls to get the feel for the state meet course,” said Weisbeck. “It was a challenging meet at times, cold to begin with, windy and eventually decent once it came down to the last few holes. The girls played well enough to win as a team, but all feel they left a little out there. Many of them state that it felt weird to play, because the last time we were on a course was our last meet.”
Callie Weisbeck was the only Lady Tiger to earn a top 10 finish. She shot 94 and took fifth. Gennie Krause shot 108 for 11th, Cadee Peltier 113 for 15th, Reagan Weisbeck 116 for 17th, Ellie Fried 116 for 18th and Kylynn Lesmeister 122 for 20th.

The Lady Tigers compete in the Winner Invitational on Friday at Winner Country Club.
Weisbeck said he hopes the weather cooperates with their preparation.
“We hope to get some practice in this week before traveling to Winner on Friday,” said Weisbeck.
After weather cancelled Tuesday’s Groton Invite, a date in Milbank on May 22 was added to the schedule.

Stanley County Invitational
Team Scores: Mobridge-Pollock 266, Pierre 272, Chamberlain 275, White River 286, Lyman 311, Winner 352.
Individual Scores: 1. Anna Otto, Pierre, 34-43-77; 2. Rylee Root, Winner, 36-44-80; 3. Ellie Jo Simpson, Pierre, 37-46-83; 4. Callie Weisbeck, Mobridge-Pollock, 39-46-85; 5. Taysa Hutmacher, Chamberlain, 40-46-86; 6. Kara Huse, Sully Buttes, 41-48-89; 7. Cadee Peltier, Mobridge-Pollock, 42-48-90; 8. Delany Peterson, Chamberlain, 41-50-91; 9. Gennie Krause, Mobridge-Pollock, 39-52-91; 10. Michal Beardt, White River, 44-48-92;
11. Karly Cameron, White River, 45-50-95; 12. Riley Aasby, Highmore-Harrold, 45-50-95; 13. Addy Root, Winner, 40-55-95; 14. Cheyenne Dougherty, Winner, 41-56-97; 15. Remedy Morrison, White River, 47-52-99; 16. Chynna Story, Chamberlain, 43-56-99; 17. Kelsie Morrison, White River, 41-58-99; 18. Jordan Zirpel, Lyman, 43-57-100; 19. Brennan Bachman, Winner, 38-62-100; 20. Alexis Cronk, Chamberlain, 45-58-103;
21. Reagan Weisbeck, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-50-104; 22. Drew Lulf, Lyman, 46-59-105; 23. Haleigh Elwood, Lyman, 49-57-106; 24. Maria Authier, Lyman, 45-62-107; 25. Matilda Anderson, St. Francis Indian, 51-60-111; 26. Morgan Lisburg, Pierre, 52-60-112; 27. Olivia Strand, Pierre, 52-66-118; 28. Shelby Little Shield, St. Francis Indian, 58-67-125; 29. Sina Luta, St. Francis Indian, 63-81-144.

Roncalli Invite
Team Scores: Sioux Falls Christian 379, Mobridge-Pollock 431, Milbank 446, Sisseton 450, Groton Area 461.
Individual Scores: 1. Lauren Tims, Sioux Falls Christian 40-43-83; 2. Kylie Kasuske, Milbank, 43-44-87; 3. Olivia Olson, Sioux Falls Christian 44-44-88; 4. Kelsey Heath, Sisseton, 46-44-90; 5. Callie Weisbeck, Mobridge-Pollock, 47-47-94; 6. Peyton Colestock, Groton Area, 48-51-99; 7. Sydney Tims, Sioux Falls Christian, 48-51-99; 8. Emily Kokalas, Aberdeen Roncalli, 47-52-99; 9. Ashley Fliehs, Groton Area, 51-50-101; 10. Keirra Silk, Sisseton, 55-47-102;
11. Gennie Krause, Mobridge-Pollock, 49-59-108; 12. Kate Dirksen, Sioux Falls Christian, 52-57-109; 13. Tori Quade, Milbank, 56-54-110; 14. Jenna Helms, Aberdeen Roncalli, 56-55-111; 15. Cadee Peltier, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-59-113; 16. Karly Doom, Sioux Falls Christian, 55-60-115; 17. Reagan Weisbeck, Mobridge-Pollock, 57-59-116; 18. Ellie Fried, Mobridge-Pollock, 54-62-116; 19. Jaxysn Swift, Sioux Falls Christian, 60-62-122; 20. Kylynn Lesmeister, Mobridge-Pollock, 59-63-122;
21. Cecelia VanDenTop, Sioux Falls Christian, 63-61-124; 22. Justine Wiik, Milbank, 72-52-124; 23. Marion Mischel, Milbank, 60-65-125; 24. Emma Dahl, Sisseton, 63-66-129; 25. Ashlynn Laframboise, Sisseton, 61-68-129; 26. Carly Guthmiller, Groton Area, 61-69-130; 27. Portia Kettering, Groton Area, 65-66-131.