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Mobridge has five active COVID casesFree Access

The first positive cases of the COVID-19 virus in Walworth County were reported this week as five cases were reported in Mobridge.
The daily briefing on Wednesday, April 15, showed three more positive cases in Mobridge.
According to Mobridge Regional Hospital CEO John Ayoub, the first two cases were reported through testing from the Mobridge facility. Both individuals are convalescing at home and are self-quarantined.
Ayoub said according to HIPPA regulations, the medical community could not release any further information.
At print time, information on the three cases in the Wednesday report were not clarified on that level.
He said residents should be vigilant in following the Center for Disease Control’s recommendations about containing the spread of the virus and personal protection.
Ayoub cautioned residents that the state is not beyond the peak of the spread of COVID-19 and asked that resident remember that virus can be spread without a person knowing that they are ill.
He said masks are worn to protect others from those who may have the virus and not aware of it, as sometimes the symptoms are mild and can be spread a full seven days after the symptoms fade or three days after a fever breaks.
Further information on the active cases will be posted daily on the Tribune website at or on the Tribune’s Facebook page.

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