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MP District report card shows improvements

SD Department of Education

The Mobridge-Pollock School District scores higher than average of students tested in the State of South Dakota on the annual SMARTER Balanced Assessment test scores, but not as well as sub-groups of the assessment.
Each year, several classes in each district are tested for their understanding of English, mathematics and science. South Dakota is part of the SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium, or SBAC. The SBAC works collaboratively to develop a student assessment system aligned to the Common Core State Standards in English language arts and math.
The SBAC focus is on assessing students annually in grades three through eight and 11. The test scores are used to garner actionable data and meaningful feedback that teachers and other educators can use to help students succeed.
The state’s public school students participate in annual summative testing in English language arts and mathematics and the results of these tests are included in the state accountability system. The goal of South Dakota’s education system is preparing students for a career and to be life ready. The assessments are used to provide districts, schools, and parents with the information they need to ensure that their students remain on track to reach this goal.
In addition to annual tests in English language arts and mathematics, South Dakota requires assessment of science and writing annually and provides schools and teachers with resources to utilize other assessments to help identify strengths and areas for improvement.
Complete graphs and information can be found on the South Dakota State Home page, under state agencies, education and the report card link.

The MP district’s students scored above the state average in the three student performance categories (see accompanying charts) with 65 percent of MP students testing within the set standards in the student performance category of English language arts, above the 54 percent state average.
In mathematics, 48 percent of MP students tested within the standards, while 46 percent was the state average score.
In the science category, 44 percent of the MP students tested within the required standards.
MP students also performed higher that the state overage in student progress in both the English and math categories.
“Overall, I am pleased with our student’s performance,” said Mobridge Pollock Superintendent Tim Frederick. “The Mobridge-Pollock School District performed above the state average in Math, English Language Arts, and Science. Our students overall attendance rate was 98 percent compared to the State average of 92 percent.”
In the college and career readiness category, the district was assessed at 63 percent which is above the 48 percent of students statewide.

The high school students test performed above the state average in two out of the three categories with 80 percent of students testing within the required standards in the English language with the state average being 54 percent.
In math, MP students were behind the state average, testing with 36 percent meeting the required standards. The state average is 46 percent.
The high school students scored 45 percent within the science standards, to the state’s 40 percent average.

The assessments in two out of the three categories show the MPMS students perform above the state average.
In English language, the students tested 61 percent within the standards. The state average was 54 percent.
In mathematics the gap is smaller, but MPMS students tested three percent higher; 49 e to the state’s 46 percent within set standards.
In science the MS scored below the state average at 36 percent to 40 percent statewide.
Student progress was above the state average in English at 77 percent with a state average of 58 percent.
In math, the MPMS students were at 62 percent with the state average at 51 percent.

Upper Elementary
In the student performance category, MP elementary students tested above the state average in all three categories.
In English the MP average was 64 percent within the set standards with state average at 54 percent.
In math, MP elementary averaged 52 percent within the set standards while the state average was at 45 percent.
In science, MP students tested within the set standards at 49 percent with the state at 40 percent.

Frederick credited the overall efforts all of those involved for the positive report card from the state.
“This is a credit to the students, parents, teachers, and building principals in recognizing how important it is to be in school every day,” he said.  “We, like all schools, have specific areas of the curriculum where we need to address. Our leadership team will assist our building principals in developing school improvement plans based on a comprehensive needs assessment where we will look carefully at all the factors that impact a student’s learning including curriculum and instruction.”