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Nehls team wins walleye title

The team of Jordan Nehls, Mike Nehls and Kevin Nehls caught 11.39 pounds of walleye to win the Northern Oahe Walleye Series Championship on Lake Oahe at Mobridge on Saturday. The Nehls team earned $5,000 for winning the title.

Darrel, Kyra and Kadence Peters caught 11.35 pounds for second place and $1,750. Travor Diebel, Paul Steffen and Corey Heien teamed for third, catching 10.54 pounds and picking up $1,000.

Mobridge anglers Brent Kemnitz, Ken Lewis and Greg Voegele tied with Selby anglers Brent Reilley and Cory Sandmeier for fourth. The two teams split the $750 and $600 payouts. Each team netted 10.5 pounds of walleye.

Chris Ryckman, Travis Baumgartner and Sweatpants Baumgartner caught 10.46 pounds for sixth place and $500. Brad Schilling, Dave Heuer and Jess Schilling picked up $450 for a seventh-place creel of 10.29 pounds.

Finishing in 16th place with 8.07 pounds was just enough for Adam and Amanda Webster to win team of the year honors and reel in the $5,000 prize.

Forty-two teams fished the tournament. All but three teams weighed in their bounty.

– Jay Davis –

Northern Oahe Walleye

Series Championship

Top 20: 1. Jordan Nehls, Mike Nehls, Kevin Nehls, 11.39; 2. Darrel Peters, Kyra Peters, Kadence Peters, 11.35; 3. Travor Diegel, Paul Steffen, Corey Heien, 10.54; 4. (tie) Brent Reilley, Cory Sandmeier, 10.5, Brent Kemnitz, Ken Lewis, Greg Voegele, 10.5; 6. Chris Ryckman, Travis Baumgartner, Sweatpants Baumgartner, 10.46; 7. Brad Schilling, Dave Heuer, Jess Schilling, 10.29; 8. Chad Schilling, Samantha Schilling, Beau Schilling, 10.29; 9. Rick Schock, Larry Schock, Jack Geffre, 9.78; 10. Travis Rude, Nathan Rude, Jacksan Rude, 9.53;

11. Gary Ulmer, Chad Abler, Tim LaForge, 9.31; 12. Quinten Hedlin, Kurt Glines, Jess Jung, 9.06; 13. Tim Patzer, Davis Patzer, Janelle Patzer, 8.94; 14. Josh Olson, Monte Olson, 8.5; 15. Lorne Rogge, Tylan Rogge, Kenny Miller, 8.39; 16. Adam Webster, Amanda Webster, 8.07; 17. Mike Kulm, Dave Ochs, Donny Palmer, 7.92; 18. Jeremy Coon, Kasey Coon, 7.87; 19. Adam Carow, Kim Carow, Corey Wolf, 7.73; 20. Rich Zimney, Tami Zimney, Rod Kluess, 7.72.