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New Register of Deeds appointed at County Commission meeting

On Monday night, at a Walworth County special commission meeting, a new register of deeds was appointed and a date for the jail project election was set.
Casi Thomason of Selby was appointed to be the new Walworth County Register of Deeds. Thomason was the former Deputy Register of Deeds.
The register of deeds is a position where the governmental official maintains public records and documents relating to real estate.
The jail project election was thought to have a 60-day limit, meaning that once it passed it would have to be voted on in 60 days, but that’s not the case.
Instead, with a vote of 3-2, the jail project will be on the November General Election ballot for Walworth County voters. The General Election will take place on November 6, with the voter registration deadline of October 22. Absentee voting for the General Election will begin on September 21.