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Officers arrest three on multiple felony charges in Mobridge

What started as a call about a stolen vehicle Monday, Dec.16, ended up in the arrest of three individuals on multiple felony drug and theft charges.
According to Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison, area law enforcement was notified that a vehicle that had been stolen in Pine Ridge was being electronically tracked and was headed to the Mobridge area.
At 4:45 p.m. it was reported the vehicle was tracked to Mobridge. Officers located the 2019 Nissan Rogue at a Sunset Avenue residence at 5 p.m.
Mobridge Police Officer Nate Pepin, Walworth County Deputy Karlea Larson and Special Agent Al Bohle responded to the residence.
Pepin was the first to arrive, finding five people outside of the home. Madison said Pepin deployed the detection K9 and the dog alerted on the vehicle.
He requested assistance on the scene and Larson and Bohle responded. Pepin and Bohle entered the residence where three people were found in the basement. The officers were able to secure the arrest of Leola Bear Runner of Pine Ridge, Chance Frazier of Porcupine and Pablo LeBeau of Pine Ridge on multiple charges including possession of a controlled substance and possession of a stolen vehicle. According to Madison, Bear Runner was observed by one of the officers trying to hide evidence in a room in the basement of the house.
Search warrants have been requested to obtain other evidence involved in the incident. Madison said Tuesday, two of the individuals had posted bond and were released from the Walworth County Jail.
The investigation is ongoing. Further information will be printed in next week’s edition of the Tribune.