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OUTSIDE THE FENCE: Another week, another emotional beating to my soul

I am tired this week.
Not healthy, got out and exercised tired, but tired mentally and emotionally.
It is like someone took a Nerf bat and walked behind me, taking a whack with every step. It is nothing that causes physical injury, but the soul takes a beating.
This has been an emotionally challenging week above many others. A natural haven that held hundreds of childhood memories was destroyed this week. Our farmers and ranchers had to deal with another natural disaster and watched as running water swallowed up their land. Our law enforcement and emergency management teams watched as the waters of Hiddenwood Lake rushed free and spread across the country-side, with trees, fences, bridges and roads succumbing to the deluge.
Their hope was that they would not have to go into rescue mode as Mother Nature’s rage spread destruction to the land.
It was a sad day as Friday morning’s light showed just how much damage had been done to a place that was a favorite hide-a-way for not only my family, but so many others. Hiddenwood has been camping, hiking and picnicking destination since it was established as a state park.
But it was another school shooting that wiped out the lives of 10 more people that took the biggest whack to my soul. I am so tired of crying for people with whom I have no connection other than that they are human beings who don’t deserve this.
I am tired of praying that the Lord wraps his arms around the families, friends and others who have suffered such a tremendous loss.
Tired of watching terrified children running from buildings, family members collapsing in grief in front of news cameras and so tired of hearing politicians offer thoughts and prayers but no help for others in our nation who face the horrific fear every day of their lives.
It is physically wrenching to watch relatives, friends or neighbors talk about a 14-year-old honor student whose life was wiped out because someone who decided today was the day to make his point.
The outpouring of grief that follows one of these incidents is gut wrenching. How can we as humans, not be moved into action after watching parents writhing in the arms of those trying to offer comfort as they come to the realization that their child will never again walk through their front door.
What has become of this country that this kind of scene has become commonplace? Why is it in America, that our children are collateral damage to our refusal to discuss and compromise?
Why would this become acceptable and does not spawn the outrage from all humans, not just the whiney liberals as we are labeled?
Don’t get me wrong, I know these situations have a multitude of reasons for happening, but I also know the culture in this country not only spawns these actions, but in this time in our country, encourages it.
By our actions and inactions, we are allowing this to happen over and over and over again. We are allowing our children to be slaughtered because we refuse to engage in open discussion with everything on the table.
We are the problem. The adults of the United States of America refuse to try and find solutions to these problems because we refuse to include all reasons for them.
It is this country alone whose citizens watch in horror as another school is evacuated under a live shooter scenario.
It is this country alone that suffers in mass when lives are destroyed by these incidents.
Since 2009, there have been 288 mass shooting incidents in the U.S. During that same period, there were two in Canada; two in France; one in Germany and zero in Japan, Italy and the United Kingdom.
In 2018 alone, there have been 101 mass shootings in this country. We have not yet seen 150 days in 2018.
As I look at those numbers, I understand why my soul has taken such a beating. I only wish these incidents had the same impact on those in power who stand in the way of an open and honest discussion with all solutions on the table working to prevent these incidents from happening.
– Katie Zerr –