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Outside the Fence: ‘I’m mad as hell’ decree should be taken seriously

Will 2018 bring the dawn of a new horizon or will the powers that be begin a vengeful backlash to push women back in their place?
That seems to be a worry among some women as they watch what is happening in our country. Women are fighting back against inequality in the workforce and continual abuse in many aspects of their lives. This appears to be a strong movement that may have a lasting impact on society, as we know it.
More women are standing up to say this has happened to me and “I’m mad as hell and I won’t take it anymore.”
Some actually poo poo the “Me Too” movement as something women are using to get their way. Some cavalier remarks about what constitutes harassment and what “is just a little fun” shows that these people really don’t understand what this is all about.
Yes, there may be women who have misused the movement to exact revenge on a former boss, colleague or even a former mate, but for every one of those women there are thousands that have endured some sort of abuse from people in those same categories.
For every person shaking their head and saying this is getting out of hand, stop and think about what these women have endured in their lifetimes.
For talented, capable women in a male dominated workforce, sometimes the harassment begins the minute they walk in the door of their jobs.
The Ford factories case is a prime example of this. Women faced a constant barrage of sexual harassment from their male counter parts from the minute they open the front door. Sometimes with the blessing of their foremen, males in these factories used catcalls, sexual innuendoes and outright badgering of the female staff.
These women, who need a good paying job just as much as any man they worked with, had to endure this toxic environment in order to make a paycheck.
It is amazing to think that men, in 2018 still can’t understand what is wrong with telling a woman, in a work environment, that she is one tasty looking piece of meat.
Those who need to be told that any comments that begin with “Oh baby, would I like to…” is not a compliment, have a gross lack of common sense.
Those who need to be told that women don’t want to see you grab your private parts while commenting about theirs need to be dragged out of the cave.
These are not complimentary remarks. They are condescending at the least, ignorant, immature, illegal and in some cases, dangerous.
Here is a clue for those who think they flatter women with comments about their bodies; the great majority of these comments are not welcome. They do exactly what they were intended to do; make women feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. It makes them feel like their worth is directly connected to their size of their bust and butts.
What if we measured the worth of man by the same standards? How many men would measure up? How long would they put up with it?
For far too long women have been harassed, humiliated and even sexually abused in order for them to keep jobs. It happens to more women than we think. If one looks around the workplace, there will be a woman there who has been verbally abused, groped, humiliated or even raped by a male in a position of power.
They have been brow beaten into not saying anything because “no one is going to believe you” is used as a weapon to keep them silent. Fear of losing a job that pays the bills or feeds the children is a pretty strong incentive to keep quiet about abuse.
Some say why don’t they just leave a job where these situations occur?
To go where? To move from job to job until they find one where women are treated as equal in pay and there is a safe working environment?
Would men do that or would they fight against what they know is wrong? Why is it any different for a female? Why is she expected to endure upheaval in her life instead of fighting against a wrong?
These are the questions we need to ask before we criticize the movement or wonder about a backlash. Women deserve the same opportunities as their male counterparts. They deserve the right to fight back without the head shaking, disbelief and worry that they are causing too much turmoil.
Change is never accomplished with inaction.
Right now women are being given a voice. Right now we are standing up to say, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
It is a time for change. It is time to say this is not acceptable and those who refuse to change need to learn there are consequences for their actions.