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Pink Ladies flocking homes to help those in need

Maybe you have noticed small flocks of flamingos in front yards around Mobridge lately. They are there courtesy of the Pink Ladies.
The Pink Ladies were formed last year in the Bridge City.
“It’s been going on statewide for years,” said Lesley Fischer. “We have about 30 members. I don’t know the exact count because we keep growing.”
The Pink Ladies, who gather every Tuesday night and throw in their own dart league, raise money to help area people in their fight with cancer.
With mottos of “No one fights alone” and “Bridging a Gap for a Cure,” the ladies want to make sure there is another outlet for people in need.
The nonprofit group helps people in a 75-mile radius.
“All of the money raised goes to people fighting cancer,” said Fischer. “We try and donate money once a month.”
That leads to some creative ways to raise the much-needing funding, and that’s where the flamingos come in. It started last week with four local families waking up to find the flamingos and a Pink Ladies sign in their yard. Donations are how people rid themselves of the lawn ornaments. For $15, they will be removed. A donation of $20 gets them removed and relocated, while a $30 donation gets them removed, relocated and gets the donor “flock insurance” which means no one can have them sent back to their yard again. The flocking of yards will continue through the summer months.
That is not all the Pink Ladies have in store for the summer. It’s not even close.
Every Thursday at the Legion Club, folks can stop in from 5 p.m. to 7:40 p.m. for “Jackin the Joker.” Tickets are sold for $2 each or 20 for $20. At 7:45 p.m. a drawing is held. The winner gets a chance to draw a card on the big board. If they pick the joker, they win the pot, which is at $920 right now. They also get 10 percent of that night’s take. If the joker is not drawn, the weekly winner gets $50 and the same 10 percent.
Coming up late this summer is a star quilt raffle. The raffle for the queen-sized quilt made by Roselynn Sandland starts in August.
There are also Pink Ladies stainless steel tumblers on sale for $20 and “Bridging a Gap for a Cure” bracelets for $5. Can cozies will be available soon. Any of these items can be purchased through any Pink Ladies member or by stopping at Open Canvas, located one-half block east of Main Street, north of Scherr-Howe Event Center.
As far as darts go, along with the dart league, the ladies also hold dart tournaments throughout the year. The present league is almost over, but a new one is starting next month. Members and anyone wanting to join have until July 1 to first sign up.
They don’t stop just because summer does. The Pink Ladies also host the Trifecta Tournament every January at Scherr-Howe Event Center. In the tourney is a competition of volleyball, corn hole and badminton.
Fischer wants anyone in need of assistance to know that cancer is cancer. Anyone suffering from any form of cancer is eligible for assistance. She added that they don’t just do fundraising. The Pink Ladies will also offer their time to help others who are trying to raise funds.
“We are here for the community,” said Fischer.
If you wake up one summer morning to a flock of flamingos in your front yard, make a donation, the bigger the better to help those fighting cancer.
To contact the Pink Ladies, call or leave a message for Mitch Sandland or Katie Larson 845-2202.