Mobridge Weather

wind speed: 13 mph WNW

Powerful July 4 storm rips through Mobridge

Wind topping 95 miles an hour hit Mobridge in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 4, tearing down trees, destroying the rodeo tent and ripping the covering off a building at Real Tuff.
At about 1:55 a.m., the front of a large storm complex blew into Mobridge with rain and winds that caused extensive damage in the city.
Multiple reports of property damage were received at the Mobridge E911 Dispatch Center as residents surveyed the wind damage. Mobridge Police, the Mobridge and Glenham Fire Departments and Mobridge Street Department patrolled the streets recording downed trees and damage.
According to Mobridge Police Chief Shawn Madison the winds, clocked at 95 miles per hour at Mobridge Regional Airport, said the majority of damage was to trees and property. He said a boat was blown into the street, multiple reports of fences damaged, outside furniture, trampolines and building damage were reported to law enforcement. He said several businesses had property damage, signs were blown over, windows blown out and there were several reports of vehicle damage.
“The electricity was out on the east side of town,” he said. “We lost radio communications for a while.”
MDU staff worked through the early morning hours to restore power to the community, with some residents without power until about 10 a.m.
According to Walworth County Sheriff Josh Boll, the storm weakened before it hit Glenham and Selby. He reported there was some tree damage in both Glenham and Selby, but nothing like what occurred in Mobridge. Boll reported winds in Selby were about 50 mph at his estimate. Boll said one of several campers overturned at Indian Creek trapped the campers inside, but others staying at the recreation area were able to get them out of the camper. No injuries were reported.
Steve Feegel, meteorologist from the National Weather Service in Aberdeen, said the 95-mile per hour straight-line winds were a part of large thunderstorm that traveled northeast out the Black Hills.
Feegel said heavy rain fell west of Mobridge, but only .23 inches was recorded here.
There is a flood watch for the Oak Creek area including Wakpala for several days as the creeks is above flood stage.
The storm continued to travel northeast to McPherson County where winds near Long Lake were clocked at 96 mph and the same kind of damage was reported as in Mobridge.
Other observed damage to the area includes the cover to a storage building at Real Tuff was ripped off the frame, a Midco Communications trailer at the former National Guard Armory building was tipped against an electric pole. The roof of a hangar at the Mobridge Regional Airport was ripped off and the flags posted on Main Street in celebration of the holiday were destroyed.
Several business signs were blown over, and a building was damaged at Jensen Rock and Sand, Inc. and a large pine tree was blown down at the Mobridge City Park.
If further information is received about the storm and damage, it will be posted on the Tribune Facebook page and Website.
– Katie Zerr –