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Ron Giese lived by the credo “Make Good Choices”

Ron Giese of Glenham, father, farmer, son and loving husband of Sara, died Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at Sanford Medical in Bismarck, N.D.
He had just celebrated his 60th birthday on March 5 on a family vacation.
Our family mantra is “Make Good Choices” and he lived it and taught his children, Zane (age 19) and Wilhelmina (age 17), through his example that this is of the utmost importance. He was and always will be my very best choice.
Ron grew up farming with his dad in Walworth and Campbell counties. He was passing on his knowledge and love of this land to his son and farming partner, Zane.
His mother, Barbara, and father, Donald, reside in Mobridge. He is also survived by one brother, Gery; and three sisters, Janine, Kristi and Amy.
From Zane: When we first bought our new combine, the salesman showed me, Zane, how to run it. After a few rounds of me showing Dad how to run it, he jumped in the cockpit and made a few rounds. He loved every minute of it.
I will miss the little things like him helping me with my own little wheat harvest, driving around with him pointing out who lived where and farmed which land, and working on old vehicles and tractors together.
From Wil: As much of a hard worker as my dad was, he also made sure to have fun. In the summer he would take Zane and I to the Pheasant Drive-In to see the newest animation movies. Winter was woodworking season in his shop. He always made time for our pets.
Those who knew my dad knew of the giant vegetable garden he grew and most of the produce was taken to town and given away.
I aspire to have his charisma. He was a very sociable person who made friends wherever he went. His friendliness and generosity are what made him the great person he was. He encouraged me to do what you love. He loved watching me dance and loved Zane’s enthusiasm for farming.
I am lucky that I, Wilhelmina, get to call him Dada.
Please honor his memory with kindness. Plant extra in your gardens to give away. Be willing to help when asked and reach out and offer to help someone who might need it. Say hello with a smile. Donate your time and talents. Be a good neighbor, citizen and friend. “Make Good Choices.” This will be his “memorial service.”