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Runners earn two top 10s at Big Dakota Conference Meet

Heidi Olson and Caelan McCollam ran to top 10 finishes in the Big Dakota Conference Meet portion of the Chamberlain Invitational cross country meet on Thursday.
Olson took fourth place in the BDC race with a time of 19 minutes, 53 seconds. That time also earned her a medal for seventh place in the invitational. The BDC race had 32 runners, while the invitational had 70.
Coach J.J. Beadle said the race featured more quality racers than the meets held earlier this season.
“Heidi definitely ran into more competition,” said Beadle.
McCollam came in ninth at 18:41 for his top 10 finish. In the 83-runner invitational that same time was 25th, five out of the medals.
Beadle said McCollam ran a strong race but could not keep the pace in the end.
“Caelan did really well,” said Beadle. “He was up farther most of the race.”
Remmington Ford was the next Tigers to cross the finish line. He came in 16th at 19:10. Blaise Thompson rounded out the top 20 with a time of 19:45. That started a line of Tigers. Chad Good Shield took 21st, Kody Keller 22nd and Bryson Vetch 24th. Logan Vetch was right behind the group, taking 27th.
Those places fell back in the invitational. Ford was 41st, Thompson 52nd, Good Shield 57th, Bryson Vetch 59th and Logan Vetch 66th.
Beadle said that with the huge field, the runners got to see the kind of times it will take to make it through the region and get to state.
“They have to keep the intensity up,” said Beadle. “They have to put the time in.”
The younger runners had some good BDC finishes. In JV, Elliot Bearsheart took fourth and Hunter Spotted Bear eighth for the boys and Skighe McCann took sixth place for the girls. In the junior high races, Corbin Stoick took third and Elsy Larsen took ninth.
The team is in Faulkton today (Wednesday) and will run in the Miller Invitational on Monday.

Big Dakota Conference Meet
Boys Division
Team Scores: Winner 20, Chamberlain 42, Todd County 43, Miller 56, Mobridge-Pollock 57.
Individual Results: 1. Dominic Santiago, Chamberlain, 16:58; 2. Kade Watson, Winner, 17:00; 3. Declan Tveit, Chamberlain, 17:06; 4. Spencer Moran, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 17:16; 5. Thaddeus Allen, Todd County, 17:27; 6. Kylar Meek, Winner, 18:03; 7. Joseph Laprath, Winner, 18:09; 8. Dawson Phillips, Winner, 18:22; 9. Caelan McCollam, Mobridge-Pollock, 18:41; 10. Caden Gortmaker, Miller, 18:48;
11. Alex Schumacher, Miller, 18:48; 12. Jerris Marin, McLaughlin, 18:58; 13. Jacob Wike, Todd County, 19:00; 14. Talon Knox, Miller, 19:02; 15. Drayton Clark, Todd County, 19:07; 16. Remmington Ford, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:10; 17. Freddy Leader Charge, Todd County, 19:14; 18. Kristopher Butcher, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 19:28; 19. Jack Swanson, Chamberlain, 19:37; 20. Blaise Thompson, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:45;
21. Chad Good Shield, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:50; 22. Kody Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:50; 23. Ashton Eagle Bear, Todd County, 19:56; 24. Bryson Vetch, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:58; 25. Tino Lopez, Chamberlain, 20:00; 26. Isaac Halfred, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 20:06; 27. Logan Vetch, Mobridge-Pollock, 20:16; 28. Aidan Iyotte, Todd County, 21:07; 29. Sam Byers, Chamberlain, 21:24; 30. Kellan Hurd, Miller, 21:34; 31. Jonah Mosel, Chamberlain, 21:52; 32. Peyton Campbell, Miller, 22:25.

Girls Division
Team Scores: Chamberlain 21, Winner 25, Todd County 51, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte 64, Miller 80.
Individual Results: 1. Ally Hough, Chamberlain, 18:58; 2. Kinsey Evans, Chamberlain, 19:31; 3. Sidda Schuyler, Winner, 19:48; 4. Heidi Olson, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:53; 5. Saige Schuyler, Winner, 20:35; 6. Lesleen Makes Room, Todd County, 20:40; 7. Leila Balsiger, Winner, 20:42; 8. Ella Phillips, Chamberlain, 20:47; 9. Daci Lends His Horse, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 20:47; 10. Kelsie Herman, Todd County, 21:03;
11. Abby Ketelhut, Miller, 21:18; 12. Macy Martin, Chamberlain, 21:34; 13. Melanie Brozik, Winner, 22:11; 14. Aryn Meiners, Winner, 22:16; 15. Devon Archambault, McLaughlin, 22:42; 16. Aleadah Wilson, Todd County, 22:46; 17. Emma In The Woods, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 22:52; 18. Samantha Peppel, Chamberlain, 22:57; 19. Evelyn Trefz, Miller, 23:05; 20. Meagan Blare, Winner, 23:06;
21. Angelina Lopez, Chamberlain, 23:20; 22. Sunni Dupris, Cheyenne Eagle Butte, 23:32; 23. Bailey Siedschlaw, Stanley County, 24:17; 25. Raelyn Vines, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 24:19; 26. Isis Norris, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte, 24:28; 27. Amia Roach-Vallandra, Todd County, 24:55; 28. Sadie LaPointe, Todd County, 25:26; 29. Jesyka Dillon, Todd County, 25:28; 30. Maya Howard, Miller, 27:32; 31. Alana Howard, Miller, 28:03.