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Schilling, Thomason separated by four votes, recount is possible

The Tuesday, June 7, Walworth County voters went to the polls to cast their ballots in the primary election which yielded some surprises and put one local race into a recount.
On the local level, incumbent Scott Schlling and challenger Bob Thomason for the District 3 seat on the Walworth County Commission are in a close race with a difference of four votes in that race. Schilling received 51% of the 388 votes cast with 196 and challenger Bob Thomason received 49% or 192 votes.
Walworth County Auditor Deb Kahl said Wednesday, June 8, that she needs to clarify whether a recount needs to be requested by the candidates or in this close a race if a recount is mandatory.
Voters in precinct 3 (Selby) and precinct 10, which includes the area north of Mobridge and some within the city limits are included in this race.
Brenda DeToy will become the Walworth County Register of Deeds, defeating Eva Cagnones with 79% of the vote to Cagnones 21%.
In the state races, District 23 Senator Bryan Breitling of Miller will serve another term as the state senator for District 23. He received 3,019 votes or 54% to defeat current state House Speaker Spencer Gosch who got 2,552 votes or 46%.In Walworth County, Gosch carried his home county, getting 66% of the vote to Breitlings 34%.
On the national level U.S. Senate South Dakota incumbent John Thune easily defeated challengers Mark Mowry and Bruce Whalen in the Republican primary on Tuesday. Thune received 72.2% of the vote statewide and 73% in Walworth County. Mowry received 7% statewide and 21% countywide and Whalen received 20.3% statewide and 6% county wide. Thune will now face Democrat Brian Bengs in the November general election.
In the U.S. House of Representatives election in South Dakota the incumbent Dusty Johnson defeated challenger Taffy Howard receiving 59.3% of the vote statewide and 59% in Walworth County. Howard received 40.7% statewide and 41% in the county. Johnson will face Libertarian candidate Collin Duprel in the November election.
On Tuesday Governor Kristi Noem defeated challenger Steve Haugaard by garnering 76.4% of the statewide vote to Haugaard’s 23.6%. Noem received 81% of the vote in Walworth County compared to Haugaard’s 19%. Democrat Jamie Smith will now face Noem in the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.
In the race to fill Gosch’s house seat and that of Rep. Charlie Hoffman who declined to run gain, four candidates sought those seats with the top two vote getters, Scott Moore of Ipswich and J.D. Wangness of Miller defeating Gregory Brooks of Aberdeen and Brandon Black of Aberdeen. J.D. Wangsness received 35% of the vote in the district and Moore received 42%. Black received 8% and Brooks garnered 15% of the votes in the district. In Walworth County, Wangness took 35% of the vote, Scott Moore received 38 % of the vote, Gregory Brooks received 20% and Brandon Black 7%.
Voters defeated Amendment C, with 67.4 % voting against the change to the South Dakota Constitution and 32.6 % voting in favor the amendment. In Walworth County, 61.9 % of voters cast ballots against the measure while 38.1 % voted in favor of the amendment.
Amendment C would have raised the threshold of the percentage of votes to pass some measure impacting spending of tax dollars from a simple majority to 60 % of the vote.
According to the Secretary of State’s website, 42.4% of the eligible voters in the county went to the polls. 1,491 voters cast ballots. There are 3,517 eligible voters in Walworth County.

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