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Smoke from northwest wildfires cover area

Over the Labor Day weekend, the sun was masked with a reddish hue that blocked light and warmth caused by smoke from fires in Montana and Idaho.
According to NASA, winds have carried smoke from wildfires out west to this area, and those smoke particles give the sun a red look seen in the area for several days.
Wildfires are raging in Montana and Idaho, with thousands of residents in those states ordered to evacuate their homes ahead of the quick-moving flames. The fires Sunday caused evacuations in Glacier National Park in Montana and many other parts of the west. The fires have burned up more than 600,000 acres already, and the smoke from those fires is reaching South Dakota. Firefighters are battling blazes in the Beaverhead, Deer Lodge, Bitterroot, Helena and Lewis and Clark national forests, and near Roundup north of Billings.
Lightning strikes on Wednesday, Aug. 30, sparked at least 40 more fires in a state already on fire, according to the Great Falls Tribune. High winds are pushing the fires into tender-dry conditions as areas of Montana are in extreme drought conditions.
Back in July, Gov. Steve Bullock declared a state of emergency in Montana and three days later, the federal government sent FEMA to that state.
Firefighters from 34 states are assisting with the fires in the northwestern states. The 10 day forecast shows no relief in sight as no precipitation is shown in the forecast during that time