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Storm takes kids on a rough ride

As the winds howled through the area in the early morning hours of Wednesday, July 4, a parent’s worse nightmare unfolded at Indian Creek Recreation Area.
But what started out as a frightening phone call to their parents ended up being the story of three very lucky children.
Brandy and Brady Faehnrich of Mobridge, and their children, Dalton, Jack and Gracie and a niece, Savannah, were camping at Indian Creek during the Fourth of July. The camper was located on the west side of the campground, in loop B. Brady and Brandy had gone into town to meet up with friends while the kids stayed at the campground.
Their 18 year old son Dalton, had driven into Mobridge to pick up hi parents and the three of them were headed back to the campground when the 95 mile per hour wind hit the area.
They were near the entrance to the park when Brandy’s phone rang. Her middle son, Jack, 15, told her the camper had rolled and he, Gracie, 11 and Savannah, 9, were trapped inside.
“It was terrifying,” said Brandy. “When we got there it was in the heat of the storm. Dalton and Brady had to rip the top of the camper off to get the kids out.”
The camper had rolled three time, landing on its side, blocking the door. With the help of Jason Kraft and Kevin Schaefbauer, the damaged camper was pulled apart and kids were freed.
“The kids were awake when it happened,” said Brandy. “That is a good thing because if they had been in the bunks in the back they would have been thrown around and maybe thrown out of the windows.”
She said the kids were frightened, but had only bumps and bruises. Three other campers in that loop were also tossed around and damaged by the storm.
“It is absolutely horrible luck and yet absolutely wonderful luck that no one was injured,” Brandy said, “We are very fortunate. The camper can be replaced.”
That will have to be a priority as her children are anxious to get back out to the campground.
“They asked if we would have the camper replaced by Memorial Day,” she laughed. “I think this time we will get a spot closer to the middle of the campground.”
There were no other injuries in the storm, but three other campers had to be helped out of one of the tipped campers according to Brandy.
– Katie Zerr –