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Student numbers up for some schools

Some school districts in the area have seen a bump in numbers for the 2018-2019 school year, which is good news for this part of South Dakota.
In the Mobridge-Pollock District there are 127 students at Freeman Davis School. Preschool students are not counted in the district numbers as there are three preschools in Mobridge that are non-district schools.
There are 43 kindergartners; 41 first-graders; and 43 second-graders for a total of 127 students at Freeman Davis.
In the Upper Elementary School there are 144 students including 54 students in the third grade; 44 in the fourth grade; and 46 students in the fifth grade.
In the Mobridge-Pollock Middle School there are 153 students. They include 59 sixth graders; 51 seventh-graders; and 43 eighth-graders.
In Mobridge-Pollock High School there are currently 198 students enrolled. That includes 55 in ninth grade; 53 in 10th; 49 in 11th; and 41 in 12th grade.
“Our numbers are up from what we projected them to be, but we are still down seven to 10 students from last year,” said Mobridge-Pollock Superintendent Tim Frederick. “We were projecting right around 600 and we are at 620. Last year, we were at 627 most of the year.”
Frederick said district officials are confident that our enrollment numbers will continue to grow as area residents find out more about the programs that are offered in the district.
“We continue to examine data in seeking out exactly what our students and teachers need,” he said. “Through this process, we are able to improve and implement practices that work for all students.” The numbers of students enrolled at Mobridge-Pollock tend fluctuate throughout the year. Students transfer in and out of the district as the year progresses, changing the enrollment numbers.
“It is increasingly difficult to determine the reason for high mobility rates in schools,” Frederick said. “Much of the time it is due to hardships that families are dealing with outside of schools. As a school, we simply need to continue to encourage all kids that they have the ability to learn and have a purpose in attending our school.”

Area schools
In Timber Lake, the enrollment on Tuesday, Aug. 28 was 356 in classes prekindergarten through 12th grade.
The breakdown of students is in the prekindergarten class there are 19, in junior kindergarten 5 and in kindergarten 29.
In first grade there are 26 students; 18 in second grade; 29 in third; 24 in fourth; 32 in fifth and 27 in sixth.
In the upper classes there are 27 seventh-graders; 25 eighth-graders; 25 in ninth grade; 14 in the 10th grade; 20 in the 11th grade; and 26 in 12th grade. There are 131 studetns in grades one though five; 79 students in the middle school and 95 in the high school.
In the Smee School District at Wakpala School the numbers are what was expected according to officials.
The kindergarten class has eighth students; first grade 20; second grade 18; third grade 11; fourth grade 13; fifth grade 12; and sixth grade there are 17 students.
In the upper classes there are 15 students each in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades; 18 in the 10th; and 10 student each in the 11th and 12th grades.
The McLaughlin School District has 486 students in the preschool through 12 grades. In the elementary grades there are 214 students. In preschool, the district has 39 students; in kindergarten, 37 students; in first grade 29 students; second grade, 28 students; third grade, 31 students; fourth grade, 23 students; fifth grade 27 students.
The middle school has 113 students that includes 45 sixth-graders; 35 seventh-graders; and 33 eighth-graders.
There are 159 students in McLaughlin High School. That includes a ninth grade class of 35; 10th grade class of 54; 11th grade class of 37 and a 12th grade class 33.
The Herreid School District has higher student numbers than last year with 116 attending school in the district, up 12 students from 2017-2018.
That includes 10 kindergartners; nine first-ºgraders; 11 second-graders; six third-graders; 11 fourth-graders; and six fifth-graders in the elementary school.
In the upper grades, the sixth grade has 10 students; seventh grade has nine; eighth grade has 6; ninth grade has nine; 10th grade has eight; 11th grade has 10 and there are 11 students in the 12th grade.
The Selby Area School district has a total of 198 students, up a bit from last year’s count.
In the elementary school there are 10 preschoolers; 16 kindergartners; 20 first-graders; 13 second graders; 13 third-graders; 11 fourth-graders and 11 fifth-graders.
In the upper classes there are 15 students in the sixth grade; 15 in seventh grade; 14 in eighth grade; 16 in ninth grade; 10 in the 10th grade; 13 in the 11th grade; and 12 in the 12th grade.
According to the South Dakota Department of Education, the South Dakota state aid to students formula uses a fall enrollment count which is a school district’s enrollment on the last Friday of September. This number includes students tuitioned out of the district and students who are enrolled less than full-time, but it does not include students for whom a district receives tuition.
– Katie Zerr –