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Super Bowl calls for some super dips

When it comes to the Super Bowl, I want food I can fix in advance so I can enjoy the day and the game completely unhindered and unstressed. For the meal it’s either a big pot of chili or a ham, allowing everyone to help themselves. But the Super Bowl is a big chips and dips day and here are the dips that I have made over the years. I guarantee they are all good.
The Reuben/Sauerkraut dip came from a newspaper. It could have been the Tribune, but there is no name on it. I made it for after-school coffee one time and Pam Rabenberg came down the hall and exclaimed, “What is that awful smell?” But after she tasted it, she decided it didn’t smell so bad at all. Patrick’s Dip is from Patrick Lewellen with modification. I use mild or medium salsa. Aunt Maggie’s Dip is a variation on a cheeseball recipe from Billie Lewellen’s Aunt Maggie. The Red Pepper Dip is from Ione Stiles and I love it because you can store it in the refrigerator until you need to make some, then just mix a half cup with eight ounces of cream cheese and it’s ready to go. The Shrimp Dip came from a fellow teacher and again I didn’t put a name down. Finally, the Fruit Dip is from my friend and classmate Kathy Morris Goodall who was killed in a car accident in 1994. They are all great recipes, served many times over the years.
Enjoy the day and may your team win!

Super Bowl Dip Recipes

Reuben/Sauerkraut Dip
Mix and heat in a slow cooker:
4 2-oz packages of thinly sliced corned beef, finely chopped
l 8-oz package of cream cheese
1 8-oz can sauerkraut rinsed and drained
1 cup (8-oz) sour cream
1 cup shredded Swiss cheese
Serve on rye bread or crackers.

Patrick’s Dip
1 small onion chopped
1 – 1 1/2 lb ground beef
1 15-oz jar Cheese Whiz
1 15-oz jar Salsa (mild, medium or hot to suit your taste)
Brown hamburger and chopped onion. Add Cheese Whiz and Salsa. Serve in a slow cooker to keep warm. Serve with Scoops or Tostito chips.

Aunt Maggie’s Dip
1 small can of crushed pineapple drained
1 small green pepper, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
1 package cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp salad dressing
1 container (small or large) sour cream
2 cups Cheddar cheese, finely shredded
1/2 cup chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts)
Mix together and serve on Ritz or Club crackers.

Red Pepper Dip
Prepare in advance:
6 red peppers chopped (sweet peppers not hot)
1 1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup vinegar
1 1/2 tsp dry mustard
2 tsp flour
Mix together and cook 15 minutes or until peppers are soft. Turn down heat and let simmer for an hour. Cool and store in a container in the refrigerator. (keeps indefinitely)
To serve, mix in:
1 8oz pkg cream cheese softened
1/2 cup red pepper mix
Serve with crackers.

Shrimp Dip
2 3-oz packages cream cheese
1/3 cup salad dressing
3 Tbsp chili sauce
2 tsp lemon juice
3 tsp minced onion
1/4 tsp Worchestershire sauce
1 can deveined, washed and drained small shrimp
Mix together and serve on crackers.

Kathy’s Fruit Dip
1 4-oz package of instant vanilla pudding
1 cup milk
1 small container of Cool Whip
1/4 cup triple sec (liqueur)
Mix together and serve with apple slices, banana rounds, orange sections and/or grapes.