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There is a positive from the negative

Silver Linings. We have all heard the term, some of us desperately seek them, others avoid them in their attempts to stay angry or scared of change, but they are the good things that we can take away from bad situations. In the past three months many have spent countless hours thriving on those silver linings, because in a crisis that is what you must build and rely on. This week’s silver lining goes out to the Mobridge residents and community.
Upon receiving the news about the uptick in sales tax dollars we realized that this crisis has managed what every community-oriented committee fights for year after year. We have finally managed to shop local. Maybe it’s out of fear, maybe it’s out of comradery for businesses that we know have been struggling, but the numbers don’t lie, sales tax is up; money is being spent at locally-owned businesses, and people are supporting the community that they live in. And it is inspiring.
Everyone has different beliefs on how the city, county and organizations have handled the COVID-19 crisis. Some appreciate the enforcement of precautionary measures while others worry about freedom of choice be ripped away. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and will always act as they see fit for their friends and family.
In a time where you could believe in anything and could do anything, many people in our small community did what they could to support local businesses even with their differing beliefs.
We live and work in a great community where the vast majority prefers to build up instead of tear down. Everyone here is part of that. Anyone who changed their shopping preferences, ordered take out, or stopped traveling to prevent the spread has done their part. You may not always see the small impact that you have, but all of those little things add up and make Mobridge a better place to live, work and visit.
Continue to shop local, continue to support local businesses with store fronts or home offices, continue to let that be the silver lining that comes out of the madness of 2020.
Remember that building up our community is our job and our decision regardless of differing opinions and every dollar that you spend locally helps keep Mobridge alive.