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Tigers win four of seven weight titles at home Round Robin

Mark Sandquist puts Isaac Ramirez in a predicament before pinning the Sully Buttes wrestler during the Mobridge-Pollock Round Robin on Tuesday. Sandquist went on to take first place at 145 pounds.

The Tigers had a strong night at Mobridge-Pollock Round Robin on Tuesday, claiming four weight division titles.
Taking first place were Wyatt Wientjes at 138, Mark Sandquist at 145, Jesse Bearsheart at 182 and Aiden Schoenhard at 220.
Wientjes took first place by pinning teammate Brayden Wientjes at 3:05 and Gunnar Knittal of Ipswich/Bowdle in 47 seconds.
Sandquist, wrestling 145 for the first time, had no problems, pinning a pair of Sully Buttes wrestlers. He pinned Ely Heuertz at 3:15 and Isaac Ramirez at 2:15.
Bearsheart, in a two-man division, defeated Justin Rohrbach of Ipswich/Bowdle 6-3 and 12-2.
Schoenhard only had to wrestle once at 220. He pinned Quentin White Mountain at 1:01 and received a forfeit from Kadyn Weisser of Ipswich/Bowdle. Schoenhard’s much anticipated 1-2 match with Grey Gilbert did not happen because Harding County did not show up at the tournament. Schoenhard is ranked first in Class B and Gilbert is ranked second.
Remmington Ford took second at 152. Ford pinned Carson Schrempp of McLaughlin in 43 seconds but was pinned by Lucas Yellowhawk of Sully Buttes at 1:48.
In the nights’ only four-man division, Riley Kerner took second and Axton Gates third at 285. Kerner beat Gates 2-1 and had a 54-second pin over Liam McCartney of Lemmon/McIntosh. Gates beat McCartney 1-0. Both heavyweights were pinned by sixth-ranked Lucas Rowland of Ipswich/Bowdle.

Mobridge-Pollock Round Robin
106: Ethan Ward, McLaughlin, pinned Jonah Bucks, Lemmon/McIntosh, :36; Clayton Horst, Ipswich/Bowdle, pinned Ward, 2:55; Horst pinned Bucks, :59.
First, Clayton Horst; second, Ethan Ward; third, Jonah Bucks.
120: Gage Anderson, Lemmon/McIntosh, defeated Brady Unser, Ipswich/Bowdle, 11-3 major decision; Anderson pinned Unser, 2:54.
First, Gage Anderson; second, Brady Unser.
138: Wyatt Wientjes, Mobridge-Pollock, pinned Brayden Wientjes, Mobridge-Pollock, 3:05; Wyatt Wientjes, pinned Gunnar Knittel, Ipswich/Bowdle, :47; Knittel pinned Brayden Wientjes, 5:02.
First, Wyatt Wientjes; second, Gunnar Knittel; third, Brayden Wientjes.
145: Ely Heuertz, Sully Buttes, pinned Isaac Ramirez, Sully Buttes, 1:48; Mark Sandquist, Mobridge-Pollock, pinned Heuertz, 3:15; Sandquist pinned Ramirez, 2:15.
First, Mark Sandquist; second, Ely Heuertz; third, Isaac Ramirez.
152: Lucas Yellowhawk, Sully Buttes, pinned Remmington Ford, Mobridge-Pollock, 1:48; Yellowhawk pinned Carson Schrempp, McLaughlin, :36; Ford pinned Schrempp, :43.
First, Lucas Yellowhawk; second, Remmington Ford; third, Carson Schrempp.
182: Jesse Bearsheart, Mobridge-Pollock, defeated Justin Rohrbach, Ipswich/Bowdle, 6-3; Bearsheart defeated Rohrbach 12-2 major decision.
First, Jesse Bearsheart; second, Justin Rohrbach.
220: Aiden Schoenhard, Mobridge-Pollock, pinned Quentin White Mountain, McLaughlin, 1:01; Schoenhard won by forfeit over Kadyn Weisser, Ipswich/Bowdle; Weisser pinned White Mountain, 3:57.
First, Aiden Schoenhard; second, Kadyn Weisser; third, Quentin White Mountain.
285: Riley Kerner, Mobridge-Pollock, pinned Liam McCartney, Lemmon/McIntosh, :54; Lucas Rowland, Ipswich/Bowdle, pinned Axton Gates, Mobridge-Pollock, :54; Rowland pinned McCartney, 1:36; Kerner defeated Gates, 2-1; Gates defeated McCartney, 1-0; Rowland pinned Kerner, 3:50.
First, Lucas Rowland; second, Riley Kerner; third, Axton Gates; fourth, Liam McCartney.
Girls 106: Darla Barnes, Lemmon/McIntosh, pinned Claire O’Leary, McLaughlin, :47; Barnes pinned O’Leary, :39.
First, Darla Barnes; second, Claire O’Leary.
Girls 126: Quinn Butler, Lemmon/McIntosh, pinned Cateri Yellowhawk, Sully Buttes, 5:28; Yellowhawk defeated Dina Beyers, Lemmon/McIntosh, 21-3 tech fall; Butler won by forfeit over Beyers.
First, Quinn Butler; second, Cateri Yellowhawk; third, Dina Beyers.

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