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Tourism committee offering grants for local organizations

In their ongoing efforts to be a positive force in the community, the Mobridge Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee has established a grant program to help local non-profit organizations with expenses.
According to Chamber Executive Director Tanner Jerome, the committee had “the best year yet” operationally and monetarily with the 2022 tournament. They decided to set up the grant funding in their ongoing efforts to give back to the community and the anglers whohave supported them in all the years of the organization’s annual ice fishing tournament, he said
“When this started 21 years ago, no one understood how big it would become or how big an impact it would have on this community,” Jerome said. “This committee is giving back to the community for the success that we have seen.”
The tournament was built around bringing people into Mobridge to help the retail community and it has built a reputation of being a well-run, fun event that has people from all over the region and country coming here to attend the event.
“The committee is appreciative of the support we get from the anglers,” said Jerome. “They don’t realize the impact they have on our community in just one weekend in January.”
He said the economic impact of the more than 1,100 anglers and their families isn’t just for the weekend, but also continues into February and March. The money spent in the community during the tournament helps get through the slower months of the year, Jerome said. The committee want to use the profits from the tournament to continue its efforts in providing help to the community through funding for the non-profit organizations.
Committee members have designed an online application form for non-profit organizations to use to requst funds.
“They need to let us know how much and for what the funding will be used,” said Jerome. “The grants are for local non-profits or community organizations that meet the guidelines. The committee will review the application and write some checks.”
Jerome said there is no deadline for applications but there is not an infinite amount of money available for the grants.
“We are leaving the door open for the amount of requests as long as it is reasonable,” said Jerome. “We want to ensure that everyone that meets the guidelines gets something.”
There is a link to the applications on the Chamber of Commerce website and Facebook page.

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