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Track team gets first times at Legion meet in Pierre

No one placed in the top six, but that was not as important as the fact that the team simply got to compete at the American Legion Relays in Pierre on Thursday.
“It was a glorified practice almost,” said coach Cody Stotz. “The meet did give us a little bit of an idea of where we are. We’ll know a lot more by next Wednesday. We have three meets, so we’ll get to look at a lot of stuff.”
Two of the three meets over the next week have been added to the schedule. The Tigers and Lady Tigers are going to the Cecil Johnson Memorial meet in Presho and the Miller Invite on Tuesday. In between, they are going to the regularly scheduled Harold Severson Invite in Lemmon on Saturday.
As for Pierre, Joshua Norder had the best finish, taking ninth in discus. Noah Feyereisen was one back in 10th. Hayley Borah led the Lady Tigers with a 10th-place finish in the 400-meter.
Stotz said most the kids were disappointed with their results and that’s a good thing, meaning he expects to see a lot of improvement during this week’s three-meet run.
He added that for individual times, it was just like other first meets. Some times were better than they expected and others were slower than they had hoped.
“What this meet gave us was a little bit more of an idea what events kids will be in,” said Stotz. “We’ll have some run-offs this week, too.”
With new runners all over the Tiger relay teams, handoffs were an issue and so were the times, but the Lady Tigers had a couple of strong races. Perhaps the best relay race of the day was run by the girls’ 4×200-meter team of Emily Wientjes, Megan Zahn, Tish Mousseau and Borah, but the meet officials set their heat up at the wrong exchange arrows and their time did not count. Plus, in the 4×100 and 4×200 races, the Lady Tigers were put in heats that were not competitive and they won by a large margin.
“The girls ran very well,” said Stotz.

Mobridge-Pollock results from American Legion Relays
100-Meter Dash: Caden Halsey, 12.73; Noah Fried, 12.94.
200-Meter Dash: Noah Fried, 26.3; Brady Bauer, 27.68.
400-Meter Dash: Bryston Goehring, 57.94; Cayden Eisemann, 58.25.
800-Meter Run: Keene Schlomer, 2:33.58; Gabe Jerome, 2:43.34.
1600-Meter Run: Blaise Thompson, 5:22.75.
3200-Meter Run: Blaise Thompson, 11:31.5.
4×100-Meter Relay: Brady Bauer, Ashton Pfitzer, Braden Goehring, Caden Halsey, 51.08.
4×200-Meter Relay: Braxton Albers, Zane Reinert, Ashton Pfitzer, Bryston Goehring, 1:43.96.
4×400-Meter Relay: Cayden Eisemann, Zane Reinert, Caelan McCollam, Bryston Goehring, 3:55.13.
4×800-Meter Relay: Zane Reinert, Keene Schlomer, Caelan McCollam, Gabe Jerome, 9:54.83.
1600-Meter Medley Relay: Cayden Eisemann, Brady Bauer, Ashton Pfitzer, Caelan McCollam, 4:26.54.
Discus: Joshua Norder, 129-1; Noah Feyereisen ,124-0
Long Jump: Braden Goehring, 18-4.5; Ashton Pfitzer, 17-9.
Triple Jump: Braden Goehring, 37-7; Noah Fried, 36-4.

Lady Tigers
100-Meter Dash: Landyn Henderson, 13.78; Emily Wientjes, 14.38.
200-Meter Dash: Landyn Henderson, 29.21; Emily Wientjes, 31.17.
400-Meter Dash: Hayley Borah, 1:04.85.
1600-Meter Run: Natalia Gonzales, 7:06.97.
100-Meter Hurdles: Draeya Halsey, 22.52.
300-Meter Hurdles: Draeya Halsey, 1:02.71.
4×100-Meter Relay: Emily Wientjes, Megan Zahn, Tish Mousseau, Landyn Henderson, 56.2.
4×200-Meter Relay: Emily Wientjes, Megan Zahn, Tish Mousseau, Hayley Borah, no time.
4×400-Meter Relay: Latisha Mousseau, Natalia Gonzales, Landyn Henderson, Hayley Borah, 4:30.37.
1600-Meter Medley Relay: Emily Holzer, Morgan Claymore, Leah Overland, Natalia Gonzales, 5:35.01.
Long Jump: Megan Zahn, 13-5.5; Morgan Claymore, 10-11; Emily Holzer, 10-10.