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Voters face important decisions on Tuesday

Several important issues will be on the ballot Tuesday, Nov. 6. Voters in Walworth County will make the decision on whether or not to build a $10.5 million regional jail facility.
The issue facing the county’s residents is whether or not to allow the county to issues bonds that will fund a new 70-bed facility. In information presented at public meetings in the county, the estimated additional tax to Walworth county taxpayers is 60 cents per $1,000 property value. A house valued at $300,000 would have an increase of $180 of additional cost on top of current taxes paid. For county landowners a quarter of land (160 acres) valued at $3,000 per acre would have an additional tax of approximately $288 and land valued at $1,300 per acre (the average in Walworth County) would be an increase of approximately $125.
The annual payment for the new facility would be approximately $700,000 per year for 30 years.
A yes vote will allow the bond issue; a no vote will keep the bond issue from moving forward at this time.
Also on the county ballot will be the race for the auditor position in the county. Incumbent Rebecca Krein (R) of rural Selby faces challenger Charisse Janke (Ind) of Java. There were no challengers for seats up for election on the Walworth County Commission.

State level
Not only will voters elect South Dakota’s next new governor, but also the next U.S. House of Representatives. Voters will also select representatives to the South Dakota Legislature in District 23.
There will be five issues on the ballot that will decide whether or not South Dakotans will allow the creation of a fourth branch of the government and whether to create a new tax.
In District 23, all three seats are being contested. Incumbent Senator Justin R. Cronin, (R) from Gettysburg is being challenged by Joe Yracheta, (D) of Selby.
The two seats in the South Dakota House of representatives in the district are also being challenged with incumbents John Lake (R) of Gettysburg and Spencer Gosch (R) of Glenham being challenged by Eleanor Iverson (D) of Miller and Margaret Ann Walsh (D) also of Miller.
On the state level, voters will chose between Kristi Noem (R), and her running mate: Larry Rhoden; Billie Sutton (D), and his running mate Michelle Lavallee; and Kurt Evans (Lib), and his running mate Richard Shelatz, to lead the state as governor and lieutenant governor for the next four years.
There are four candidates vying for South Dakota’s only seat in the United States Representative. They include Dustin “Dusty” Johnson-R, from Mitchel; George D. Hendrickson, Libertarian, Sioux Falls; Ron Wieczorek, an Independent from Mount Vernon; and Tim Bjorkman, (D) from Canistota.
In the S.D. Attorney General race Jason Ravnsborg, (R) of Yankton, will face, former Mobridge resident Randy Seiler who now lives in Fort Pierre.
The race for state auditor will be between Rich Sattgast (R) of Pierre and Tom Cool (D) of Sioux Falls.
The position of state treasurer will also be filled with Aaron Matson (D) of Sioux Falls facing Josh Haeder (R), of Huron.
Voters will also elect a new secretary of state as Alexandra Frederick-(D) of Winner will face Steve Barnett (R) of Pierre.
There are also five issues and measures on the ballot. The explanation of those ballot issues has been printed in the Oct. 24 issue of the Tribune and in this issue of the paper.
There are sample ballots on pages 8B and 9B of this issue. Polling places and times are also listed on page 8B.