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WCCC group to take over Selby care facility on Dec.

The effort to save the care center in Selby has experienced success in keeping the doors open. The facility will be turned over the Walworth County Care Center (WCCC) group at 12:01 a.m. according to WCCC committee member Dan Biel.
After hearing of the proposed closure of their senior care facility, Selby Area residents formed the WCCC, a non-profit, tax-exempt group to keep the center operating in Selby.
Biel said the group is more than half-way to their goal of raising $500,000 to support the transition of the facility to a not for profit facility.
He said the management company, Rural Health Development, Inc., of Lincoln, Neb., would stay on as long as they are needed to help with the operation of the facility.
The facility would be run by an administrator and a board of directors. An interim administrator, Jared Denten, who works for Rural Health Development, will stay in that position until another administrator can be hired. He may also stay on if he is a good fit for the facility and the community, according to Biel.
The group is still waiting for their non-profit status, according to Biel, but it is expected to be approved soon.
Biel said the plan is to hire all of the employees that were at the facility at the time of the announcement Good Samaritan planned on closing the facility. He said that has been one of the priorities of the WCCC. The $500,000 being raised will help in the transition and to purchase needed equipment like a phone and computer system. The hope for the group is that the facility can then operate on the revenue and donations.
“We would like to have it be self-sustaining,” he said. “If not we will follow the Mobridge hospital and hold fundraisers and donation drives for needed equipment and for improvements,” he said. “Our building is in good shape. Good Sam kept things updated. That is a great advantage for us.”
The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society in June reported it would be joining Sanford Health of Sioux Falls. It was later announced that the senior care facility in Selby would be closing its doors. The decision to close the Selby center, according to the Good Samaritan Society, was the lack of affordable labor, the expense of staffing, Medicaid reimbursement rates in South Dakota and long-term care resources.
There is still work to be done, but the future for the 64-bed care facility looks much brighter than it did when the corporation announced the plans to close the doors.
“We are really lucky the way things worked out for us,” said Biel.
– Katie Zerr –