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Weatherman ordered to serve 120 days in jail

A Missouri man who was driving a vehicle in a 2016 accident that killed a Mobridge resident has received a 10 year suspended prison sentence as part of plea agreement, according to court documents.
The trial of James C. Weatherman, 37, driver of the vehicle that hit another head on July 18, 2016, on U.S. Highway 83, south of Mound City, that killed Danielle McCollam, 26, of Mobridge, was set to start in February. Instead a plea agreement was reach when Weatherman agreed to admit to felony manslaughter. He received a 10-year suspended prison term that was a part of that agreement.
Weatherman was ordered to spend 120 days in jail, which can be served in Missouri. He must serve five years of probation and his driver’s license was revoked for three years.
He was also ordered to pay $2,654 in court fees and fines and participate in a court ordered program on safe driving, speaking to school age children three times a year.