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Whopper walleye cements win

The weather was great and the fish were biting Saturday, Jan. 12, for the 18th Annual Mobridge Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee Ice Fishing tournament.
The Three-day event, heralded as the Midwest’s largest 2-person team fishing tournament finished on Saturday at Scherr-Howe Event Center with the presentation of the winners and the final giveaways of cash and prizes. According to the committee, anglers from 14 states fished during the tournament. “The Mobridge Chamber Tourism Committee can’t thank our volunteers enough to really showcase what Mobridge has to offer,” said Committee Chair Jesse Konold. “From the city street department to the police department and sheriff’s office making sure everything is in working order and safe, to the Shiners for cooking the food, and the 100-plus volunteers that help with the actual event, we couldn’t do it without a true citywide team effort.”
Konold said the anglers expressed appreciation for the committee and the community.
“We heard nothing but great comments about our hospitality and service businesses, and all of those factors play into the success of the event,” he said.
Konold said the committee is grateful to the anglers for wanting to be a part of the event year-after-year,
“We would also like to extend a sincere thank you to all of our anglers for supporting our city, and allowing us to host them,” he said. “The economic impact of their dollars spent within our community does not go unnoticed and we truly appreciate their support.”
It was the team of Kevin Nehls of Groton and Chris Kassubie of Bath who took home the top place weighing in six walleye at 23.39 pounds.
They also caught the biggest walleye of the tournament at 30.5 inches long that tipped the scale at 12.73 pounds.
The fish was caught on Nehls’ line but it was Kassubie who reached into the six-inch hole in the ice to grab the fish by the mouth and pull it onto the ice. It was described by Nehls as a team effort to land the monster walleye.
The pair was fishing on Thomas Bay.
A grand total of 1,279 walleyes were weighed in during the tournament equaling 1,865 pounds of fish.In second place, Eric Brandriet, Big Stone City, and Marlo Brandriet of Watertown, weighed in six fish at 16.23 pounds.
In third place, Gary Grismer and Kasey Wipf of Aberdeen weighed in six fish at 15.16 pounds.
In fourth place, Scott Kampa and Tristan Kampa of Groton weighed in six fish at 13.70 pounds.
The fifth place team of Josh Olson and Monte Olson of Lemmon weighed in six fish at 13.38 pounds.
In sixth place Dave Humphreys and Chad Wilson of Minot, N.D. weighed in six fish at 13.20 pounds.
In seventh place, Jesse Krein and Blake Friend of Selby weighed in six fish at 12.93 pounds.
In eighth place, Leonard Glines and Logan Glines from Blackhawk weighed in six fish at 12.84 pounds.
In ninth place, Taylor Gosch and James Fiddler of Glenham weighed in six fish at 12.83 pounds.
The 10th place team of Ryan Schlechter and Miranda Schlechter of Bowdle weighed in six fish at 12.78 pounds.
In 11th place, Eric Flemmer and Jim Dupper of Herried weighed in six fish at 12.31 pounds.
The 12th place team of Brent Reilley and Cory Sandmeier of Selby, weighed in six fish at 12.19 pounds.
In 13th place was the team of Hunter Gill and Dalton Martian of Mobridge who weighed in six fish at 12.13 pounds.
Jason LaFave of Aberdeen and Justin Karst of Selby finished 14th weighing in six fish at 11.54 pounds.
The team from Glenwood and Lincoln, Iowa, Travis Coffey and Mike Tupe placed 15th weighing in six fish at 11.51 pounds.
The 16th place team of Dustin Hahne and Josh Ruppert of Sioux Falls weighed in six fish at 11.44 pounds.
In 17th place was the team of Aaron Fischer and Josh Fischer of Mobridge who weighed in six fish at 11.44 pounds.
Stephen Schopp of Rapid City and Matt Wiesinger of Lemmon finished in 18th place weighing in six fish at 11.28 pounds.
In 19th place, Tatum Sandquist and Sonny Sandquist of Trail City weighed in six fish at 11.19 pounds.
In 20th place James Peterson and John Peterson of Aberdeen weighed in six fish at 11.13 pounds.
The team of Mark Ketterling and Phillip Ketterling of Aberdeen finished 21st, weighing in six fish at 11.11 pounds.
In 22nd place the team of Bryce Aman and Tanner Sjomeling of Mobirdge weighed in six fish at 11.10 pounds.
In 23rd place the team of Blaine Linke and Blake Ketterling of Aberdeen weighed in six fish at 10.99 pounds.
Finishing in 24th place the Mobridge team of Adam and Amanda Webster weighed in four fish at 10.80 pounds.
The 25th place team of Garrett Schweitzer and Mike Gunn of Lemmon weighed in six fish at 10.77 pounds.
The list of those who won the four-wheelers and the top raffle package of the side-by-side was not available at press time.
“Next year’s tourney will be held January, 11, 2020, and we have already started planning for it,” Konold said.
– Katie Zerr –