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Wiest hired as new Walworth deputy

Chato Reed Wiest has filled the position of deputy sheriff at the Walworth County Sheriff’s Office.
Wiest grew up in McLaughlin and graduated from high school there in 2009. His favorite sports are cross country and track since he ran as a high school athlete. “We went to state every year from 2006 to 2010,” Wiest said proudly.
Wiest is still a very active person. He is a participant in mixed martial arts and is the second ranked heavyweight champion in North and South Dakota.
In 2007, Wiest joined the military. He is currently still active in the US Army Reserve and has been deployed twice to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Syria.
The new deputy sheriff is also a former employee of the Walworth County Jail and has high hopes for his new position.
Wiest wants to make a difference in the area as deputy sheriff, especially when it comes to problems involving drugs.
“I’m interested in helping stop the inflow of drugs into the community as a whole,” Wiest said. He is also interested in special weapons and SWAT team.
“I hope to be in law enforcement for a long time,” Wiest said. He also plans to finish the last eight years of his military career, having served 12 to date. Wiest plans to continue working in the area along with his fiancé, two daughters, two sons, and a another baby on the way.