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Governor to enact reform of youth treatment facilities

By ohtadmin | June 17, 2019

Gov. Kristi Noem has ordered the state Department of Social Services to enact a series of wide-ranging reforms intended to improve the safety of youths sent to privately run treatment facilities across South Dakota. The governor’s announcement came in response to an investigative report published June 5 by South Dakota News Watch that uncovered a decade-long pattern of physical, sexual […]

Residents suffer physical, mental and sexual abuse at S.D. youth home

By ohtadmin | June 06, 2019

Youths and young adults housed at the Aurora Plains Academy in Plankinton, S.D. have endured physical, mental and sexual abuse by employees amid an internal culture of secrecy and limited state government oversight, according to public documents and testimony from former residents and employees of the facility. A six-month investigation by South Dakota News Watch has revealed a pattern of […]