KATIE ZERR: How many chances should a repeated law breaker get?

When is it time to drawn the line in giving people a second, third and fourth chance to learn lessons from their mistakes? Since the passing of Senate Bill 70 in 2013, it seems those who are repeat offenders in Walworth County get more than their fair share of breaks. There are people whose names are in the court news […]

BALL FIVE: The postseason is upon us

This is always a great time of year. In wrestling, the regular season is over and the run for postseason glory starts on Saturday. In basketball, the girls wind up Friday and start the postseason on Tuesday. The boys finish the regular season next week and start their second season on Feb. 27. You know what week it also is? […]

Darrel Smith: Persecution threatens Evangelicals

There are many stages and forms of persecution. One stage of persecution characterizes and slanders a group as less than positive, normal and good. Another stage of persecution isolates and excludes a group from equal participation in community life. Both of these are apparent in America. It’s not difficult, for example, to recognize how Biblical Christianity is treated in academia, […]

Darrel Smith: Why do Evangelicals support President Trump?

Many question why Evangelicals have so overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump. Some people honestly wonder why, while others ask this question in an accusatory manner that seems both offensive and demeaning. Few of us appreciate being castigated about what we believe or how we vote. The next group of columns will explain some of the reasons Evangelicals support Trump. In some […]

KATIE ZERR: Mickelson thinks only lawyers know what’s good for S.D.

Should legislators be the only ones who can make changes to the South Dakota Constitution or is it our right as citizens of the state to bring these changes forward? Mark Mickelson, Republican representative from District 13 and current Speaker of the House, last week introduced a bill that would take away the right of South Dakotans to change the […]

BALL FIVE: Tigers, Lady Tigers improving

Sometimes it’s hard to see improvement, but it has been happening with the Mobridge-Pollock basketball teams. It was actually pretty easy to see the Tigers’ improvement in their 13-point win over Cheyenne-Eagle Butte last night. The boys ran their offense better, played aggressive, solid defense in the second half and simply owned the boards. Earlier in the season, coach Mike […]

Darrel Smith: Trump had an impressive first year

In spite of vicious attacks from many celebrities, the main stream media, political opponents, and the threat of the Special Counsel’s investigation, President Donald Trump’s first year has been very impressive. The stock market reflects economic expectations and it has broken many records climbing over 42 percent since his election. This increase has added trillions of dollars to American wealth. […]

KATIE ZERR: When enough is enough for the Evangelicals?

Where do we draw the line when it comes to behavior that is unacceptable? This week the story broke that the president of the United States had one of his many lawyers pay a porn star hush money to keep a 2006 affair a secret. One would think this would spark an outrage in this country, especially from those who […]

Ball Five: Tribune webcasts partner with Sports Ticket Live

We at the Mobridge Tribune are excited to announce that we are taking a huge step forward in the live streaming of Mobridge-Pollock sports. When the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Braves come to town on Tuesday, we will be broadcasting as part of the Sports Ticket Live family of webcasts. This is more than one step up from the live webcasts we […]

Darrel Smith: This is intolerant, hateful bigotry

The left loves to tell conservatives and Christians that we shouldn’t be intolerant, hateful and bigoted, but many of us have experienced intolerant attacks from leftists. Donald Trump’s election and presidency provides an example. Michael Goodwin, a veteran media columnist with the New York Post, says the last election was a “low-water mark of American journalism”. In an article called […]

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