KATIE ZERR: Facts show we have a perception problem

When will Americans face the fact that we have a problem with sexual abuse and the manner in which it is treated? A very uncomfortable situation at a family gathering right at the start of the “Me Too Movement” has been bothering me since that time. A large group had gathered for a meal with different conversations going on at […]

BALL FIVE: The dreaded three-way tie for first actually happened

Last week I told you there was a distinct possibility that the Tiger football team could end up in a three-way tied for first place in Class 11B Region 1, and that that was a bad thing. It happened. We did not get by with a little help from our friends. I did miss one important game. It didn’t go […]

Newspapers need support to sustain all that matters

A guest editorial by South Dakota Newspaper Association Executive Director David Bordewyk I recently had lunch with a college friend who was back in South Dakota for a few days when our conversation turned to newspapers and their future. My friend Gary still subscribes to his hometown newspaper, the Grant County Review in Milbank. (In favor of full disclosure, Debbie […]

KATIE ZERR: It’s time to drop the political ‘bogeyman’

As an Independent voter I look at every candidate, their views on issues that are important to me and issues that are important to the people, the community and the state that I love. My conservative friends and neighbors label me a liberal, but those people who decry my politics would be very surprised at my voting record. As an […]

BALL FIVE: Playoff scenarios solved, maybe, but then again, maybe they’re not

I’m not the most proficient at math, but I’m going to give it a try and give you just where the Tiger football team can finish in the Class 11B Region 1 standings with a win over McLaughlin on Friday. Maybe I am being a little presumptuous about the Tigers winning a game they haven’t played yet, but this group […]

KATIE ZERR: It’s time to retire my Cubbie blue (for a little while)

This time of year is tough on someone like me. I am in mourning today as my beloved Cubs season came to an end late last night. For those who don’t know, I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan and have been for many years. I was a fan when Andre Dawson roamed the outfield at Wrigley. I watched Ron […]

BALL FIVE: Season’s over sure, but Cubs finally get well-deserved rest

And just like that, the Chicago Cubs baseball season is over. I say just like that after enduring 13 innings of the longest postseason elimination game in MLB history. I’m not sure many of my fellow Cubs fans agree, but I am actually glad for the team. They need a break. It has been a long four years. Now, I’m […]

KATIE ZERR: Nation’s leaders can learn from Selby

Why can’t our national leaders take a page from rural America’s playbook and work together to do what is right for the country? As I watched the video of the Tuesday, Sept. 18 meeting of members of the Selby area community concerning the closing of their Good Samaritan Care Center, that question kept popping into my head. Members of the […]

BALL FIVE: Football drama too many missed

One of the first things I noticed at Tiger Stadium on Friday was there were a whole lot of people who weren’t at the game, but were there for homecoming the Friday before. Sure, the weather wasn’t the same and it wasn’t the annual homecoming game. But geez, bundle up, have some hot chocolate, bring a blanket to sit on. […]

KATIE ZERR: Kavanaugh’s teenage behavior is an issue that needs addressing

Is something that a young man has done during his teenage years a window into what kind of a person he turned out to be? That is the question we have been hearing about the claim that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh assaulted Christine Blasey Ford during a drunken party when they were both teens. She was 15, he was […]

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