KATIE ZERR: Family’s new light should keep shining

Will there be a positive aspect of life developing during the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic? During the shutdown of businesses that occurred in the beginning of the pandemic in March, isolation put many residents into their homes with their families. Parents became teachers, coaches, mentors and friends to their children who were without during the shutdown. Some people struggled […]

BALL FIVE: July 2 was a good day

July 2 was a good day at the Frank Scherr Memorial “Spikes for Spurs” fundraiser golf tournament. It was not just a day of golf. It was a reunion. My teammates for the day were Joey Weninger, Tom Cameron and Steve Stiles, three members of our old high school posse from the late ‘70s. We also got to spend the […]

BALL FIVE: Celebration off to rollicking start

It’s only July 1 and the 75th anniversary celebration of the Sitting Bull Stampede is already off to a rollicking start. The Indian Relay Races are pretty cool. It’s basically get on a horse’s back and ride like the wind around the track. I unfortunately could not stay the entire night on Tuesday, but what I got to see was […]

KATIE ZERR: Stand strong for those who cannot

I saw something this morning that really hit home. It put into perspective for me as to why I swim against the current on many issues. “Strong people stand up for themselves, stronger people stand up for others.”-Chris Gardener. Mom used to say I was a champion of the underdog. Maybe that is why I’m a huge Cubs fan. Before […]

BALL FIVE: 75th will be a Sitting Bull Stampede like we have never seen before

Pandemic or not, the celebration of the 75th annual Sitting Bull Stampede is going to be unlike we have ever seen before. That is if you think an unheard of 912 contestants sounds like a rare number! In case you are wondering what kind of a jump in contestants that is, last year’s stampede had 381 cowboys and cowgirls in […]

KATIE ZERR: Using precautions is not unwelcoming

Is being cautious with your health and being responsible toward others something for which to be ridiculed? With more and more people coming into the area from outside of the state, these precautions should be seen as a responsibility and not a reason for friends and neighbors to make sarcastic remarks. For a small community, Mobridge has had its fair […]

BALL FIVE: Better get to a game because these girls can play

If you haven’t made it up to Legion Memorial Field for a 13-14 Teeners baseball game yet, let me tell you something, the girls can play. Say what, you ask? The 13-14 Teeners are a team that has 13 players on its roster and eight of them are girls. The team is off to a 2-3 start, including a pair […]

KATIE ZERR: We miss you Walter, Chet and David

Why do we not have someone we can trust to give us information that is untainted by political lean? Why is it that our people only want to hear what they think is the truth and not the real truth? In a time of crisis in our nation, whether it be the coronavirus outbreak or the demands from the citizenry […]

KATIE ZERR: Legislative process must be allowed to work

When those elected to make the laws have little knowledge or regard for the process, and disregard those who do, are we not defeating the purpose of a government by the people? Has South Dakota become a state whose legislators decide their personal agendas are more important than the law? Something happened this week that must make us sit up […]

BALL FIVE: Maybe we should have listened to Kaepernick in 2016

Four years ago, Colin Kaepernick started something that very few people listened to when he knelt during the national anthem before a football game. People were outraged. This was nothing but pure disrespect for our flag and the United States of America. Maybe we shouldn’t have reacted to WHAT he was doing but should have learned about WHY he was […]

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