KATIE ZERR: Listening is vital in finding a balance

Is seeking a balance between food production and environment like chasing rainbows? Are there manners in which we, as the keepers of our land, find the right balance in food production and beautiful yards without the environmental cost? Between the denial of some who refuse to recognize the impact humans have had on the environment and climate and the need […]

BALL FIVE: Rodeo in full swing

With the South Dakota High School Rodeo Finals in the books, the rodeo circuits are going to be in full swing. Chutes will be opening on both sides of the river as we draw near to the 74th annual Sitting Bull Stampede. I have just learned that there will be something new at this year’s Stampede. A second event for […]

KATIE ZERR: ‘Cars for Cops’ will help this village

Just what does it mean “To protect and serve?” In a small town law enforcement is sometimes seen as officers patrolling the streets, watching for suspicious activity or chasing kids who may or may not be looking for mischief. It may have been true in the past, but in today’s world where illegal drugs are in high demand and criminals […]

BALL FIVE: Recapping the year

I am tasked with writing a review of the Mobridge-Pollock season in sports every spring for the annual edition of Tiger Tracks. Realizing a whole lot of you readers out there are not graduates of Mobridge and Mobridge-Pollock High School, I figured why not put the review in Ball Five. While there were not world beaters or state champions crowned […]

KATIE ZERR: Certain tactics can erode public support

When does a need to know cross the line and become a roadblock to getting work done? Throughout the 18 years that this reporter has been covering local government, I have been through many an issue where I thought no amount of time would heal a rift between government officials, departments, personalities and residents. I have watched as city councilmen […]

BALL FIVE: Concussion protocol could create monumental change

In the NFL, concussion protocol is finally being taken seriously. That has led to the other professional sports doing a better job and that has led to the trickle-down effect in colleges and high schools. Concussion protocol in Major League Baseball has led to a desire that could change the way the game has been played. And it’s been played […]

KATIE ZERR: Interviews trigger appreciation of life

I’m not much for social media. I‘m not a tweeter, don’t spend much time on Facebook and find some comments made by trolls on newspaper or online stories quite disgusting and disheartening considering they are supposed to be written by humans. There are, however, some places that I check out regularly, including the “You know You’re From Mobridge, S.D. if…” […]

KATIE ZERR: How many second chances are too many?

Is it time to again get tough on those who continually abuse their legal “second chances” and leave victims of their crimes in their wake? Mobridge Police officers deal with substance abuse situations where children are involved sometimes several times a week. The department works hand-in-hand with the Department of Social Services to remove children from dangerous situations in order […]

BALL FIVE: Rebuilt stadium may be on horizon

I’ve had a couple conversations at the school about Tiger Stadium and how there may be a lot of work being done in the future. The talk is about what would really be a brand-new Tiger Stadium, because it would start with rebuilding the track with eight lanes. That encompasses a whole lot. This would be a big-time operation that […]

KATIE ZERR: Zealous pursuit can backfire on public

Should the manner in which meetings are conducting depend on how the public and the board interact? Watching recent Walworth County Commission meetings has been a bit painful for several reasons. Some actions taken by this board have been questionable. Questions on the manner in which they come to those decisions sometimes deserve to be answered. But when they refuse […]

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