KATIE ZERR: Fierce storms and bad air are warnings

In our fight to protect business and agriculture from the over reach of the Environmental Protection Agency, are we playing a role in the recent changes to our environment? This year we have experienced a rash of storms that were historic in amount of precipitation (snow and rain) and the damage caused. South Dakota has had a rough year when […]

BALL FIVE: Saints fan taking no-call complaint all the way to the courts

Some things are hard to get over. Whether you are fan of either the New Orleans Saints or the Los Angeles Rams, you remember the famous no-call late in the fourth quarter of the NFC championship game, I’m sure. If you don’t, the Saints were driving down the field looking for the go-ahead touchdown when Saints quarterback Drew Brees lofted […]

BALL FIVE: Teams move all over classes in two-year reclassification

The South Dakota High School Activities Association creates a new two-year football schedule every, duh, two years. With that comes reclassification of teams. Sometimes there is a lot of population shift. With this being the second time schools’ male populations are used, there was a lot change. The changes in Class 11B have a lot of effect on the Mobridge-Pollock […]

Simon: Meat censorship on labels is excessive

A new law in Arkansas goes into effect today that will require all agricultural products that are edible by humans to follow “truth labeling” rules. To put the meaning of truth labeling simply, a product cannot be misbranded or have ingredients missing on the label. The law prohibits falsely labeling a product as meat, rice, beef, or pork, as well […]

KATIE ZERR: Compassion and patience needed in dealing with grief

When does the punishment fit the crime? Why is it that to some, those who break the law are not punished as we see as fit? For residents of our area, two news stories this week are hitting hard. The parole of Nicholas Scherr, who served 23 years for the murder of Candace Rough Surface in 1980 and the 120-day […]

BALL FIVE: Athletics have shaped my life, whether I knew it or not

I have been influenced by sports a lot, sometimes without really choosing to be. For someone who is attending school for anything but athletics, I sure have ended up being significantly influenced by sports of all kinds. Whether I knew anything about them or not, sports have made their way into my life despite being an ag communications and art […]

KATIE ZERR: Tragedies have big impacts on smaller communities

Do tragedies impact smaller communities on a higher level than in larger communities? Compared to earthquakes, fires or mass casualty incidents, accidents involving a few people are not big news. But in smaller communities, the impact may be more intense. It is days like Tuesday that make this job extremely difficult. We are taught to keep our emotions out of […]

BALL FIVE: Storms make for tough rides and photography at rodeo

As the Mobridge Tribune intern at the 74th Sitting Bull Stampede, I can say I am thankful it wasn’t my first rodeo or Stampede. Although it may have looked like it with the way I was frantically running around the rodeo grounds with a camera around my neck. I saw most of the rodeo through my lens, close up and […]

KATIE ZERR: Welcome to our celebration

There is nothing more Americana than the celebration of the founding of this country during the Fourth of July. We gather with family and friends to celebrate the birth of our great republic. This grand experiment based on the basic principles of the right to freedom of religion, speech, the press, and to the rule of law, has endured despite […]

BALL FIVE: Animals did not play well with others due to heat, humidity

Man, it was a weird night at Mobridge Rodeo Grounds for the opening performance of the 74th Sitting Bull Stampede. It must have been the weather. The heat, high humidity, dew point and impending rain had the animals unusually cranky. The bucking horses did not play well with others. By my count there were a half dozen re-rides offered to […]

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